Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Test #2, after theme removal

this is my second test I'm not a Google Voice going straight to my blog

they look out across the open waters of the Mississippi half frozen like some sort of still dream I wonder how long it's gonna be before people actually realize the religion is some sort of an informational virus that should be banned or at least medicated against.

I heard want to some friends of mine that were teaching their children all of the stuff out of the Bible just like it was fairy tales.  teaching each individual pale but putting it into the same context that 1 would put jack and the Beanstalk or Little Red Riding Hood just so they know that this stuff is out there they also know that it's fables it's tails if things that we should learn from it's not literal.

and I wonder how long it will be until people started knocking leaving their children against this.  how long would take before people actually realize that is just another form of control it's just another form of domination 1thought form beating out the other thought forms and trying to suppress creativity.  to stifle heretical thoughts things that might lead sheep away from the flock.

I'm inspire disease thoughts by looking across this great river at this weird mission this sits on the other beach.  a mission the only seems to see you were shippers during the summer time zone people come out and swim their prayers and great big river.   during the winter months when it's too cold to come out regularly when only the psychopath to jump in the river for the Polar Bear Plunge brave enough to risk losing data does it see any action.

this lonely mission sits there on it stretches stand right next to some sort of a construction machine not a bulldozer but 1 of those big hook machines with the Giants pork on the and the dig dig dig about the earth

anyway I've done some editing on this poster never left most of it clear as quote unquote translated by google voice

so there you go I wish I could insert a picture of the kitten for you but I can't because it's my voice

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  1. Your Google voice seems to miss words here and there...and perhaps mishears them.